"Making a Call Somewhere in Nevada", Digital Image, 2021.
It's hard to determine which work best represents your practice and adequately showcases your ability as a designer. Although this piece was not at the forefront when I was browsing through my portfolio, it eventually became a part of my marketing kit when all other images didn't fulfill the role of packing a punch on a small business card surface. 

This specific image represents a few key things about what this body of work is doing: reclaiming privacy in a digital age, a family candid shot, and shows elements of travel (we are not Nevadians). I spent a portion of the year traveling with my brother's family when I was burned out from creating and working. It is from these road trips that I rested and found new inspirations for concepts that progresses my art. 

The back of my new business card
Even more than that--I am beginning to understand all that I do and why. 
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